Eyeglasses and Optometrist Services
in Hyannis, MA

Optometrist using modern equipment in Hyannis, MA
Mall Vision Center updated their on-site lab in Hyannis, MA to state-of-art equipment in March 2013. With our large selection of frames and in-stock ophthalmic lenses our opticians Tina Kennedy and Bruce Jones can provide most single vision glasses in one day.

We will order insurance covered glasses for anyone who is eligible. Our opticians services will provide this service to our own patients as well as anyone who comes in with an outside prescription.
Mall Vison Center will gladly fill all outside prescriptions regardless of whether there is an insurance benefit. Tina and Bruce take pride in knowing when they dispense a new pair of glasses that the patient leaves feeling the glasses fit properly.
As part of our opticians services, they will take the time to adjust temples, nose pads and the tilt of the frame to be sure the vision is acceptable. They will gladly adjust or repair glasses even if they were not purchased at Mall Vision Center.
Dr. Wendy Leslie provides her patients with comprehensive eye examinations. She routinely checks for glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration, referring to the appropriate specialist when necessary. Most eye exams require dilation so the doctor may extensively check the retina and optic nerve.
Optometrist determining eyeglasses prescription in the Yarmouth and Dennis, MA, area

Did you know that the eye is the only part of your anatomy where the doctor can see blood vessels without surgery?

Contact lens evaluations can be done in conjunction with an eye exam. The doctor will first determine your refraction and then make an evaluation as to which lens is the best for the patient. For first time contact lens patients the doctor(or technician) will teach the patient how to handle the contacts, recognize when they are inside out, insertion and removal, and finally, care of the contacts. This can take anywhere from one lesson to a few. The fee typically covers follow-up visits of 2-3 weeks from the initial exam.